Bank DKI Profile

Bank DKI is Commercial Bank and Regional Owned Enterprises whose shares owned by Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and PD Pasar Jaya.


PT Bank DKI Profile
Name PT Bank DKI
Call Sign Bank DKI
Line of Business Banking
Business Categories Core Capital Bank Group 2
Soundness Rate 2 (Healthy), as of Financial Services Authority (OJK) assessment June 29, 2022
Domicile Jakarta
Address Prasada Sasana Karya Building Jl. Suryopranoto No.8 Central Jakarta 10130
Phone 021 - 806 55555 (hunting)
Faximile 021 - 806 55000
Call Center 1500 351
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rating AA- (Pefindo)
Date of Establishment  11 April 1961
Date of Operation 11 April 1961
Legal Basis of Establishment  Deed of Limited Liability Company Bank Pembangunan Daerah Djakarta Raya (PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Djakarta Raya) No. 31 dated April 11, 1961, drawn by and in the present of Eliza Pondaag S.H., Notary in Jakarta.
Authorized Capital Rp11.500.000.000.000,-
Paid in Capital Rp6.577.752.000.000,-
Tax Identification Number 01.000.515.5-073.000
Company Registration
Trade License BUM.9-2-42
Shareholders DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (99,98%)
  Perumda Pasar Jaya (0,02%)
Stock Exchange Indonesian Stock Exchange

As mandated in the amended Articles of Association as stated in the Deed of Decree of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Bank DKI No. 32 dated June 25, 2018 made by and before Ashoya Ratam, SH, MKn, Notary in Jakarta, DKI Bank is engaged in business banking in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations and Legislation.


Business Activities

Therefore, Bank DKI performing several business activities, such as :

Collecting fund from society in the form of savings such as demand

deposit, time deposit, certificate of deposit, savings and/or other

u  equivalent forms.

u  Providing loans

u  Publishing Letter of credit

u  Purchasing, selling, or underwriting on its risks and for the interest

u  and on behalf of the customers:

n  Securities including draft bills accepted by bank with maturity of no longer than in the usual trading of such securities

n  Letter of credit and other securities with maturity of no longer than in the usual trading of such securities

n  Treasury bills and Government Bonds

n  Certificate of Bank Indonesia

n  Bonds

n  Securities with maturity date up to 1 (one) year

n  Other securities with maturity date up to 1 (one) year

u  Transfer money, both for the benefit of the Company and for the interests of customers

u  Placing fund in, borrowing loan from, or loan to other banks, both by using letters, telecommunication platform, or bearer notes, cheque, or other platform

u  Receiving bill payment on securities and performing settlement with or among third parties

u  Providing safe deposit box to secure valuable goods and documents.

u  Providing deposit activity on behalf of other parties’ interest based on a contract

u  Performing fund placement from customers to other customers in the form of non-listed securities

u  Performing activity of Account Receivable, credit card and trustee businesses.

u  To provide financing and/or operate other activities based-on Sharia Principle under authority as set forth by the regulator.

u  To commence business activity in foreign currency

u  To place capital investment in other banks or financial companies.

u  To place capital investment as loans restructuring (loan default, sharia financing default) where the investment shall be withdrawn according to prevailing Law.

u  To act as founder and contributor to Pension Funds


u  Performing regular activity conducted by banks as long as not violating any prevailing law and regulation