Good Corporate Governance

Bank DKI is committed to implement corporate governance that consistently supported by business process based on risk management at every organization level and operational as well as non-operational activities based on Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independency and Fairness principles.

This commitment realized through implementation of an integrated corporate governance implementation with compliance standard management fulfillment, risk management, good corporate governance structure and infrastructure adequacy, internal control system implementation, implemented with Bank DKI business activities and business development alignment.

Bank DKI believes that consistent corporate governance implementation becomes a fundamental aspect to drive sustainable performance growth as well as maintains balance between Shareholders and other Stakeholders’ interests.

This commitment is based on awareness of Bank DKI to drive added-value creation and fulfill expectation of the Shareholders and other Stakeholders in short-term and long-term period.

Bank DKI realizes that consistent corporate governance implementation will surely needs a require support from Shareholders and Stakeholders to continuously encourage corporate governance enforcement in Bank DKI by adopting corporate governance best practices in firm, consistent, systematic and continuous basis

Bank DKI always refers to several laws, regulations and other prevailing provisions stipulated by Central Government, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government as majority shareholder of Bank DKI, Bank Indonesia and Financial Service Authority as regulators, as well as other requirements regulating Management of Bank and Limited Company.

Corporate Governance implementation in Bank DKI represents manifestation of Bank DKI Business Ethics as basis of every activity in Bank DKI, among others:

·         Bank DKI as an institution/ issuer in complying with regulations as manifestation of the business ethics. This approach considers Bank DKI as an institution/issuer in complying with regulations as manifestation of business ethics. This implementation covers 2 aspects, such as legal normative aspect corporate governance aspect aiming to comply with prevailing law (compliance) as enforcement element in corporate governance and corporate behavior aspect which explains every activity required to achieve the Company’s target. This approach also analyzes how Bank DKI interacts with the stakeholders.

·         Bank DKI in doing corporate governance implementation enforcement and internalization as basic ethics and conducts for every employee which is translated as code of conducts. This approach views behavior of Bank DKI employees based on social norms referring to how an employee acts according to prevailing ethical norms in the society and how the employee’s behavior manages his-self when doing daily works.