Whistleblowing System Reporting

In order to improve performance of the Bank, protect interest of the Stakeholders and compliance with the Law and values in Code of Conducts that are commonly prevailed in banking industry, the bank shall operate its business activity by referring to Good Corporate Governance principles. 

GCG implementation covers eradication of corruption, bribery and other frauds that requires an effective method to prevent and eliminate any practice that violate the GCG through the implementation of Whistle Blowing System (WBS). Bank DKI upholds Zero Fraud Tolerance by management and employees of Bank DKI. This also becomes implementation of 3rd Line of Defense to strengthen internal control system at Bank DKI.

To exercise this process, Bank DKI has implemented whistle blowing system with mechanism regulated and enhanced in Bank DKI Whistle Blowing System Manual Book.

Whistle Blowing System Report Submission

Report submission both from external (public) and internal (employee of Bank DKI) parties who report any fraud or violation indication against the Law and other fraud practice may submit the report via various communication media that are especially dedicated for the Whistle Blowing System, among others:

  • EMAIL : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • DROP BOX yang terletak di Gedung Prasada Sasana Karya Lantai 1

Criteria of fraud indication submitted to be processed if fulfilling the requirements minimum as follows:

  • Identity of the whistleblower (minimum name)
  • Case description/chronology.
  • Name, position and unit of reported/involved party.
  • Time and place of the alleged fraud incident

Protection For The Whistle Blower

Protection for the whistle blower has benefit on assurance of treatment to the Whistle Blower and guarantee on confidentiality of the Whistle Blower identity that will ignite trust of the Bank People and/or external party to submit fraud indication report to the Whistle Blowing System Manager and to increase awareness of the bank People on the corporate regulation and policy.

Protection to the Whistle Blower will be granted if the submitted Fraud Reporting revals and fulfills criteria where the reported information and or violation had been occured and trusted/valid (after verified by the Whistle Blowing System Manager).

Specifically to internal bank whistle blower with good intention aside than confidentiality, protection provided (after obtaining a decision from the President Director) include:

  • Position or rank downgrading
  • Rank promotion postponement
  • Gradually salary increasement and or benefit postponement
  • Unfair dischargement
  • Unfair mutation
  • Direct or indirect punishment imposition
  • Intimidation, coercion and or physical coercion
  • Adverse Note in the personalia data file

Whistle blower protection can be terminated when :

  • Reporting violations submission are proved to be false, slanderous, merciless or unlawful.
  • Request for termination of protection from the Reporting Entity

Number of Submission

Year Submission
2016 None (no whistle blowing system submission)
2017 None (no whistle blowing system submission)
2018 1 whistle blowing (jan -dec)
2019 3 whistle blowing (jan - dec)
2020 1 whistle blowing (jan -dec)
2021 1 whistle blowing (jan -dec)
2022 None (no whistle blowing system submission until Nov)