Commitment on Responsibility To Customers

Bank DKI has a commitment to maintain trust from our customers. This is carried out by providing protection to the customers as well as information disclosure on products and services.


Responsibility to Customers Implementation Framework

Implementation of responsibility to customers, particularly related to customer protection and information disclosure about products and services refer to regulations as stipulated by the Government and Regulator, among others:


·         Republic of Indonesia Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection

·         Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 1/POJK.07/2013 concerning Protection of Financial Services Sector Consumers

·         Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 55 /POJK.03/2016 concerning Implementation of Governance for Commercial Banks (Article 61 - aspects of product transparency)

·         Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 76 /POJK.07/2016 concerning Enhancing Financial Literacy and Inclusion in the Financial Services Sector for Consumers and/or Communities

Financial Services Authority Circular Letter No. 12/SEOJK.07/2014 concerning Submission of Information in the framework of Product Marketing and/or Financial Services.


Customer Protection

Customer Complaint via Customer Service

Bank DKI seeks to deliver excellent service to the customers including in giving response to complaints submitted by customers when visiting our service offices.

Customer Complaint via Customer Letter at Newspaper

Bank DKI always expresses positive response for every customer complaint published at customer letter section in various media. Bank shall solve the complaint maximum 20 (twenty) working days after the written complaint submission and, under particular condition, Bank may extend the terms up to maximum 20 (twenty) working days, Bank DKI will solve and publish at the same media to be published as Bank DKI’s rights to answer.


Customer Complaint via Call Center

Bank DKI also has Bank DKI Call Center 1500-351 Service where Bank DKI’s customers may acquire various information about Bank DKI’s products and services. Bank DKI Call Center also receives complaint and inquiry from the customers. To follow-up customer complaint, Bank DKI has established Customer Response Unit which will forward to related unit in solving complaint from the customers. Bank DKI always improves quality and provides Bank DKI’s product and service product knowledge updating to Bank DKI’s call center officers.


Customer Complaint via Social Media Account

Bank DKI has official social media account as Bank DKI’s effort to develop open two-way communication with all stakeholders, especially with the customers. The social media account provides various up-to-date information about Bank DKI’s products and services. Customers and all stakeholders can ask questions, submit suggestions and complaints to various social media account platforms provided by Bank DKI, as follows:


Facebook : Bank_DKI

Twitter : @bank_dki

Instagram : @ bank.dki


Customer Complaint Feedback 

Bank DKI continues to pay attention to every customer's needs and desires. Through means of complaints, complaints and suggestions submitted through various communication media, Bank DKI strives to provide maximum feedback. Of the various complaints, complaints and suggestions that entered, Bank DKI sought to respond to all complaints received. Customer complaints are well documented by Bank DKI as part of input and recommendations for efforts to improve service quality to customers and all other stakeholders.


Customer Complaint Settlement Reporting 

As means of Bank DKI’s accountability as financial institution which is registered and supervised by the regulator, Bank DKI reports customer complaint settlement periodically to the regulator.