Environment Awareness Culture

Bank DKI has a concern for environmental preservation efforts including and continues to improve the integration of environmental aspects in operational activities and banking services. This is manifested in various efforts including among others through increasing the awareness and concern of employees for the environment.


Bersinar is a program that aims to increase mutual awareness to maintain assets and inventory of the office and the surrounding environment. Bersinar is an extension of Clean, Beautiful, Comfortable, Safe and Neat.

Clean Desk

Not only in the office environment, individually, Bank DKI also has a Clean Desk program that aims to improve employee disciplinary behavior towards cleanliness and tidiness of each employee's desk.

Towards the Green Office

Gradually, Bank DKI continues to encourage employees to increase awareness of the importance of implementing environmentally friendly offices. This was done with various efforts, including:

·    Raising awareness of the importance of efficient use of energy (electricity and fuel) through simple individual behavior but positive impacts such as using energy saving modes, turning off lights when leaving space and efficient use of electric tools for personal use.

·    Minimizing the impact of waste such as efficient use of office stationery and disposing of waste in the space provided where Bank DKI has provided organic and inorganic waste bins as well as reducing the use of bottled drinking water to minimize the use of plastic.