Banking Mediation


Refers to:

BI Regulation No. 8/4/PBI/2006 dated January, 30 2006 and SE No. 8/29/DPNP dated June 1, 2006 about banking mediation


  1. Filing of a dispute resolution Procedure the customer written request addressed to:
    The Directorate of Investigation and Banking Mediation Bank Indonesia
    Menara Radius Prawiro Lt. 19 Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 2 Jakarta 10110

  2. Filing requirements disputes may be submitted to the banking mediation dispute by attaching the following documents:
    • A copy of the letter the results of settlement of a complaint from the Bank.
    • Copy of proof of identity of the customer.
    • A signed Affidavit above postage labels (regarding the dispute not currently in the process of or have obtained a decision of arbitration institutions, judicial, or other Mediation institutes and have not been processed in the banking mediation facilitated by Bank Indonesia).
    • A copy of supporting documents related to the dispute.
    • Copy of power of Attorney (when filing dispute resolution delegated).

  3. The deadline for the filing of dispute resolution conducted the longest-sixty (60) working days (calculated from the date of receipt of the letter of the results of the Bank customer compliance settlement up to the date of receipt of the submission of the dispute resolution by implementing banking mediation)

  4. The value of the Maximum value of the financial demands of Demands is Rp 500,000,000.0.-(five hundred million rupiah) and presented in Rupiah.

  5. Scope of Claims, including:
    1. The cumulative Value of financial loss
    2. Potential loss due to delay or not unsettled financial transaction with another party, and or;
    3. The costs that have been incurred to get dispute resolution

  6. The scope of the financial demands of the value does not include the losses of immaterial